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Copy text in Gimp console
   Gimp: 2.10.32
   OS: Win7 x32-Bit

If commands are executed by batch script, the Gimp console opens and there a certain sequence is displayed line by line. However, in contrast to Windows cmd.exe console, the lines can't be copied by right-clicking, but awkwardly via the nested context menu with right-click above the title bar (Edit => Select | Select all | ...).

It is possible to redirect the entire output of the console to a file, e.g. something like:
[size=medium][font=serif, Consolas]"%gimp%" -i --verbose -b "(BatchCropToContent \"*.png\")" -b "(gimp-quit 0)">"Output_GimpScript.txt"[/font][/size]
however, this does not solve the desire indicated here to be able to quickly copy a text section directly in the Gimp console.

Is there a possibility to remove this restriction and how?

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