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Could not read the contents of {dir}
I have just put Ubuntu 20.04 on a new disk and installed version 2.10.24 of GIMP using the "Ubuntu Software" application.

My images are stored on a secondary internal hard drive that is automatically mounted on boot.

When trying to open a file, if I click on any folder on that mounted drive I get the following error:

[Image: Screenshot-from-2021-08-27-20-20-15.png]

I've set all of the permissions to "On" from the Ubuntu Software app and have manually set all directories in the path to rwx across the board.

What have I forgotten?



PS - I had no issues with the same hardware and Ubuntu 18.04 (alas, I didn't make a note of the GIMP version)

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Could not read the contents of {dir} - by K31thw - 08-27-2021, 07:25 PM

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