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Creating 'Pie type' sphere
Hi all.
First post here and new to Gimp. I would like to create a logo in the form of a sphere, that has a piece missing from it. Think of it in 2d form as a circle with a piece missing (pie chart style). Adding to that, a name across the sphere too.
Any info on the how to for this would be greatly appreciated.
Probably better done in a 3D application such as Blender.

However, always a way(-ish), so a brief outline. 2D representation depends on light and shading to give an illusion of depth. My advice, trawl for images of the sort of shape you need, to get some ideas.

Gimp can easily make a sphere with lettering if you put it in. Filters -> Map -> Map Object. (edit: an alternative which makes a plain, but nicely shaded sphere is the g'mic plugin in the render section)


Now you need to make a selection to represent a segment. The best way is a path, but you could draw by hand using a quick mask. Make the path then path to selection.

Next you have to fill that selection with shading. I used a linear gradient (HSV) Just try different starting/ending/ length until you get a result. you could also do this by hand using a fuzzy brush and various colours if you are feeling artistic.

A bit of manual erasing because you need to imagine where the bottom 'pole' is and the line the surface takes to meet that pole. Not quite correct, but it is your project so take lots of time over it Wink

[Image: Of8Spyk.jpg]
Here is slightly different one. I can explain how I did it if it is what you want.

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(07-13-2017, 08:01 AM)rich2005 Wrote: Hi rich2005
Thanks for your reply. It's great to get some pointers on this. I will try your suggestions and see how I go. I like to understand how things are created, so we'll see what I can do / confuse myself with.

(07-13-2017, 09:45 AM)Blighty Wrote: Here is slightly different one. I can explain how I did it if it is what you want.

Hi Blighty. Looks good, cheers for that. I will mess around with the software to see how I go, then maybe wave the white flag  Smile

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