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Crosshair Guides
A feature that should have been in the core (IMHO) from the word go is center guides. aka "crosshairs"

I was watching the video about rotating using the measure tool here on the forums and it made me think how I would do it. I found this simple script years ago and can't imagine using gimp without it. It will drop 50% horizontal and 50% vertical guides on your current layer. It's nice that it goes by the layer and not image so it makes it easy to rotate objects and text on their center axis and not the center of the canvas size.

You can get center guides through all sorts of plugins, scripts, or even the menus, but if you bind this to a shortcut you are always just a key or key combo away from crosshair guides. I also use a shortcut to clear all guides so I can reuse my crosshairs easily when aligning multiple items. 

I do realize that I could have saved some steps by centering to the canvas first but wanted to show how to reuse the guides easily.

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