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Custom Bevel - GEGL Plugin for advance Bevel Effects

Custom Bevel is a new filter that can do all sorts of unique bevel and bump text effects. Six blending options for the bevel exist -- "multiply, hardlight, colordodge, plus, darken, lighten. This is NOT the same as the final/master blend mode that uses Gimp blend modes for every GEGL filter. What Custom Bevel does is changes the blend mode of the emboss filter to one of six blend modes. This can create all kinds of interesting results.

This filter can also change the internal median shape (which doesn't do much) and choose between an internal box blur and gaussian blur which will radically change the way the bevel looks.

Check out what you can do with it and Enjoy !

OS specific location to put GEGL Filter binaries

Windows C:\Users<YOUR NAME>\AppData\Local\gegl-0.4\plug-ins

Linux /home/(USERNAME)/.local/share/gegl-0.4/plug-ins

Linux (Flatpak) /home/(USERNAME)/.var/app/org.gimp.GIMP/data/gegl-0.4/plug-ins

[Image: custombevelpreview.png]

[Image: image.png]

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