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Custom buttons bar
Is there a way to bring a bar with custom buttons? I'd very much like one to contain my frequently used commands. Such a workflow improvement.
I've searched on the web for such a plugin but I couldn't find any.
I suspect what you really want is a form of macro-recorder where a series of actions are enacted on the click of a mouse. No such thing in Gimp. The usual advice is write a custom script, but that is not for everyone.

If it is just a tool, with various options in force, then there is a dock Tool - Presets. Gimp menu Windows -> Dockable Dialogs -> Tool Presets

It comes with lots of preinstalled presets and you can add your own.

This screenshot with just my pre-sets:

Thank you for the info.
I wouldn't even hope for a macro-recorder Smile All I want is buttons corresponding to various commands.
That dialog looks good. I wonder if it could accept commands like "layer to image size", "alpha to selection", "new guides from selection" etc.
Please don't mind but I'd like a UI component as economic as possible space-wise, that's why I mentioned a bar.
Those functions you mentioned "layer to image size", "alpha to selection", "new guides from selection" can be assigned a shortcut key. That speeds up the workflow.

You will probably have to use existing key values but Gimp will warn you what is being replaced.

Just look in Edit -> Keyboard shortcuts and you can search with a general term say, alpha


When it comes to a list of default shortcuts, this is the best list I know
Thank you for trying to help me. I've already customized the keyboard and mouse. What I need is visual, straight-forward interaction, plus I don't have to remember 10 commands, plus I don't have to switch my eyes from the screen down to the keyboard to see what I'm typing and then back to the screen.
I found this:
I don't think it's usable as it's too old (?), not intended for general use and most important: has to be compiled and patched into GIMP.
But it's closest to what I need.
So, any alternative to this?
If an user has custom commands, there's no way to put them onto a dialog?
That was was Gimp 1.1 and just proof of concept.

For a much more recent attempt see:

and might be worth asking the author to develop it more.

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