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Custom hotkeys issue
How do I setup new hotkeys in GIMP 2.8?

I've gone to preferences > Interface > Configure keyboard shortcuts ('Use dynamic keyboard shortcuts' enabled), and nothing works. I even have save shortcuts on exit enabled and they never work.

Any ideas?
I would avoid the use dynamic option. This sets the shortcut from the appropriate menu entry, but you should know which function you want to set anyway.

Have you reset to default values and started again ? Edit -> Preferences -> Interface -> Reset Keyboard Shortcuts to Default Values In the event that does not reset. The shortcuts are held in the file C:\Users\"yourname"\.gimp-2.8\menurc Delete that, Gimp will make a new one when you make and save a new shortcut.

Try using Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts instead. A one minute demo

Not many single keys un-assigned ( G J V Y 6 7 8 ) a good Gimp 2.8 list here
I had another go and it's all working now. I feel a little stupid because The path tool which I mostly use, I wanted to set a custom hotkey for that; Apparently I was assigning a hotkey to the wrong one instead of the one found in the tool section :p

But it's all good now.

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