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Cut out graphitti from the grill

How can I cut out the graphitti from the grill?

(See attached picture) 

Can I some brighten or make its color more stark so it can be changed into a seperate layer?


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Is that clip original size or enlarged to better show the example ?

Either way, lots of work for you. No easy way that I can think of. Plenty different ways. You could go round the graffiti with the free select tool or using quick mask to cut out the shape.

For me, I would use a layer mask, I can see lots of editing at pixel level and a layer mask makes that easier.

Maybe like this:
Do the colour 'enhancement first' - all sorts of ways to do that - color curve for example.
Add a black layer mask, and paint in white to uncover the graffiti.
...when complete, then either apply the layer mask or better turn off visibility of the original layer and make a new layer from visible.

Whatever way you do this, save your work as a Gimp xcf file which will retain layers / masks / active selections.

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