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Debug plugin registration failure
GIMP 2.10.2 (revision 1)
Windows 10

When GIMP fails to register a plugin where does it report the reason(s) for failing the registration?
It is displayed in the Gimp console, which of course is not that easy to get at in Windows. Technically it is not Gimp that fails to register a plugin, it's the plugin that fails to register to Gimp, because it croaked during the registration process (or on startup when Gimp runs it to let it register). A simple Python syntax error is enough.

See here for some hints.

You can also run the script in a terminal:


Any major syntax errors that would prevent it to run (unbalanced parentheses or quotes, indentation problems) will show up. If it says it's missing "gimpfu", good news, it can run ("gimpfu" is only available when run from Gimp).
Thanks for this.

I found another aid to having clean code for my plugin.

I've extended my editor with pylint - just have to scan past all the pdb 'errors'.

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