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Decor/Add Border works strangely
It does work, but I find I have to:
- hunt for the dialogue box centre screen but behind the main GIMP window.
- move it to a position beside the main GIMP window 
- click on the target image in the main window
- double click on OK in the border dialogue box
- sometimes repeat the last two steps once or twice more before anything happens
I am using Mac OS-X Ventura and GIMP 2.10.

I am completely at the starting block wrt scripting, but if anyone is in a position to correct this behaviour for a future update, please could they also consider adding:
- tool preserves current settings (width, colour) for next use
- dialogue box opens where you last left it, and floating above (overlaying) main GIMP window.
Quote:...I am completely at the starting block wrt scripting

Is this fundamentally a scripting question? If it is then I can move it to the scripting section.

There are old scripts that do "pop-under" the Gimp window but not usually on first use, only subsequent use.

Can you give more information. Is Gimp in multi-window mode ? or are you using multiple montitors ?

Usually there is no provision to save settings for future use although not impossible. Current parameters are saved on a per-session basis. Close and re-start Gimp and you are back to the default values.

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