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Deselect 2.10
Hey everyone. I am new to GIMP and I have been having a problem every since I started using GIMP a few days ago. Every time I go to add a drop shadow it never works. Well I have figured out it is because I need to clear my selection. The problem is select > none is grayed out and CTRL+SHIFT+A does nothing. I am attaching an image because I know that is a terrible explanation. In the image though you can see what is selected. I need to deselect that so I can add my drop shadow, but I can't deselect it. When I select a different layer it will deselect, but every time I go to the layer where I want the drop shadow it selects the same thing and I can't deselect it. Sorry I know that is a bad explanation, but hopefully someone gets what I am asking.

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As far as i can tell you have nothing selected.
The dotted line around the black and white image is the layer boundary.

Do you want to add a dropshadow to the the image that looks like a polaroid ?
A dropshadow needs transparency and room.

You willl get that room when you apply layer to imagesize. Currently your layer is smaller than the canvassize. Hence the dotted line.

And btw, you dont need a filter to make a dropshadow.
A dropshadow is a duplicate of the shape, made black (or very dark), blurred, offset and adjusted transparency.
Sometimes in combination with a suitable layermode like 'Multiply' or 'Grain merge', but that is not a must.
What is not shown are your layers then if Select -> None is greyed out it means you do not have a selection.

At the moment there are two 'drop-shadow' filters in Filters -> Light and Shadow

1. A legacy version: Select the layer, run the filter, this has the option to resize the layer. It makes a new layer for the shadow.

[Image: cBdEbUE.jpg]

2. A GEGL version. User has to add transparency when required. A similar post from a couple of days ago

Make your own drop shadow, some tips here

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