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Deselect Not Working in 2.10
I am new to this forum, and look forward to learning a lot here - you all seem to be very knowledgeable.

I have started using GIMP (2.10) in the last few days, resuming my acquaintanceship with graphics software after a break of several years.

All was going well - was practicing cloning, and a few other things - when the deselect command stopped working (when I tried both Select-None, and Shift-Ctrl-A).

I have been working with different layers, or only one layer.

I just read a thread on this forum by Ofnuts  ( Painless Use Of Selection Tools ) in which Ofnuts talks about the advantages of saving changes to channels, so that is useful to know about, but I would like to be able to deselect.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks for any suggestions.
Best guess from the information given.

There is a floating selection layer.

Select -> None will be greyed out.

Either Anchor the floating selection or promote to a new layer Layer -> New Layer

[Image: TzePqyj.jpg]
Hi rich2005,
Many thanks for your reply.

I actually uninstalled and then reinstalled GIMP to see if that made any difference, and things seem to be working as they should now.

Having said that, before I uninstalled GIMP, I checked your suggestion, and there here was no floating layer to be seen.

Who knows what it was, but thank you for your reply and your help.

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