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Differences between software used to view digital images
Turning off GIMP color management doesn't seem to have much effect.

My monitor, which is high_def and fairly good but not professional grade, is calibrated using xRite i1 Display Pro.  However, I'm no expert at exactly how color profiles are used.  My assumption at present is the the calibration program produced profiles (ICC I believe) that are used by the driver for my GPU which is an Intel integrated adapter (i.e., nothing special there either).

With that said, my thinking has been that when using the same display on the same computer and OS the result would be the same irrespective of display calibration.  In that the same calibration or absence thereof would apply in each case.  In this case, WPV offers no settings and even though GIMP does it is producing a similar result to every other viewer I have available which includes MS Paint, Windows Media Player, Google Picasa, Rawtherapee, Canon DPP4, and XnViewMP.  If GIMP were the outlier, I'd have been looking at color management options as the cause.

Is it possible that WPV, the outlier, is some how bypassing color management which is being used by all of the others?

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