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Disable anti-aliasing on eraser tool
If I draw with the pencil tool, and the hardest brush setting (100), I get no anti-aliasing, and the fill bucket leaves no halos, perfect.

If I erase part of that drawing with the eraser, even with the hardest brush setting, the edge is always anti-aliased, and the fill bucket will leave halos behind when filling in those erased areas.

How can I turn off anti-aliasing for the eraser?
Tried the "hard edge" option?

(01-10-2021, 08:36 AM)Ofnuts Wrote: Tried the "hard edge" option?

Ah thank you Smile 

You know, I think we need an overhaul for how those tools are used.  It seems the only difference between paintbrush and pencil is the lack of anti-aliasing on the latter, and so it should be a checkbox for "hard edge" just like it is for eraser, not a whole new tool... this seems to be a carry over from Photoshop's way of doing things...

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