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Discovered a new way to change radio

Funny way to change radio, just turn the Earth and get local radios, zoom in to fine tune your radio, nothing else to do it streams automatically Big Grin

Nice find, also as app on smartphone.
(07-22-2023, 07:03 AM)denzjos Wrote: Nice find, also as app on smartphone.

Cool, I was not aware there is an app for smartphone, thanks.
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Since you posted this topic, I've used this site a few times, but always via cell phone or tablet.

Today is the first time via PC and it's really good because I can listen to the radio stations even though I'm using other windows. (On my cell phone, the radios stop playing if I leave the screen).

Nowadays I don't listen to radio stations anymore. I haven't actually heard them in years.
But with I can listen to stations from all over the world and get to know the most varied musical styles impossible to hear on national radios.

At the moment I'm listening to ➤  A bit of Brazilian music for those who are curious.

Thanks for sharing this site!
Samj PortableGimp 2.10.28 - Win-10 /64.
Thanks Krikor or sharing a nice radio (there are so much radios on that planet Big Grin ), yesterday I listening your link, very cool > in my favs.

Actually/today I'm in Santiago de los Cabelleros (Dominican repuplic), it's a "common/general songs" radio, but every few songs it's a latino song Wink > , tomorrow is tomorrow, I'll roam the Earth

On firefox (desktop I pined the tab of, like that it's always at the same place on the left side with the few pined tabs I have (right click on the tab > Pin tab), like that I can scroll normal tabs, but pined tabs won't move Wink

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