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Dissolve transition between frames for webp
I tried to create a webp lossless animation. It went fine, but the change of frames was abrupt. So the animation looked jerky. Is it possible to use a transition like dissolve when creating a webp animation ? If yes, please tell me how.
Found a method


This one worked. I had to set the speed at 150 ms.
Quote: Is it possible to use a transition like dissolve  

Good question.

In default Gimp Filters -> Animation -> Blend takes 3 layers (2 + duplicate) and produces a blended transition. You need to pad out either side with the before / after frames.

The gmic-gimp plugin has in the Animation Sequences section a transition filter. Various effects - example circular wipe.

Again add the before / after frames as a separate operation for ease of use.

If you want something like a dissolve transition then probably not Gimp, maybe ffmpeg command line would do it.

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Thanks for the tips.

FFmpeg will give webp with transitions ?
(01-12-2020, 02:50 PM)meetdilip Wrote: Thanks for the tips.

FFmpeg will give webp with transitions ?

No. I thought there was a simple way of creating a transition from 2 images using ffmpeg but not really. Still involves making video clips - transitioning - extracting frames. Very tedious.

There is Openshot video editor. Lots of transition formats, will open a png as a video clip, can export as a sequence of images. BUT, no easy way of making a bespoke profile on-the-fly. Can be done if you know a bit about video editing. Example attached made in Gimp.  Almost as tedious as ffmpeg.

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My progressive-merge script with the top layer in Dissolve mode, perhaps?


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