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Does anyone know a real solution for long loading problem "FONTS"
Does anyone know a real effective solution for long time loading problem "FONTS" ,  common solutions not working ..
WIN 10
Does common solutions include any of this link:

It has also been reported that a one-time start Gimp, as administrator, has fixed the loading fonts issue although that was for Gimp 2.10
(08-09-2018, 03:52 PM)rich2005 Wrote: Does common solutions include any of this link:
i just tried it , may i should not waste time on youtube (google) and search direct here should i repeat that every reboot ? or i do not have to? .. (any way i will test it next reboot and send feedback )
From my experience, you don't need to repeat that as the improved load times persist (I used it on both a portable and regular install). I'd guess if we add more fonts it might be worth checking that directory to see if the procedure needs to be repeated
after rebooting windows for test , it works fine. i do not have to repeat it at least if it not necessary ..
so i think final status : fixed

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