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Does gimp have optical filter imitations?
(12-27-2017, 08:42 PM)godek Wrote: Thanks guys, now it works! I used rawtherapee to edit the image and then I saved it as a 16bit tiff and it works when I open it in the gimp!!! So it looks like it is a bug in nufraw cause it looks messed up in other programs to that I open the tiff created by nufraw. Smile
edit: Maybe I did something wrong or it was just a fluke a one time thing or I didn't do it again what caused the bug in the first place cause I tried it again and the image looks fine loaded in gimp as 16bit.

In your guys opinion which is the best Raw photo editor that is open source and available for Linux?

There is no "best", there are several that are very good. See (link provided earlier). You can try them all for free.

Can you send 16bit images to Walmart for printing or do you need to go to a specialty store?

Hard to tell since the Walmart presence in my neighborhood/country is close to nil. On the whole their customers just want to print the vacation photos for cheap, and what you want is good printing. Draw your conclusions. What you want is either a very good home printer or some online quality photo printing service, which ends up costing a lot less that printing at home, even on a just decent inkjet printer. See around, test them with small pics, etc... In any case they don't need 16-it images. Your eyes cannot make a difference between 8-bit or 16-bit ones."bitness" is important when you process/store them, but for print/display, 8-bit is already more colors than what you can see.

Also, can you have them use the embedded color profile that you used to calibrate your monitor with their printer? Walmart or is this specialty store only also?

Could depend on the shop. Walmart? Color calibration? I wouldn't count on that.

Can you print 16bit images at home with a consumer based printer?

See answer above

Such as one of these?

These are more office printers than photo printers.

Do you guys recommend this for color calibration? Going to use displaycal.

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