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Early issues with Ubuntu 24.04 noble numbat or feeble dumbat?
2 years ago I installed Ubuntu 22.04 and was using it at least 3 months before release date in April 22.
Now with 24.04 I'm finding it full of problems a month before release.

AppImages worked for awhile and then seized-up due to an update. I fixed that by uninstalling Apparmour per this bug report.

24.04 Gimp version is 2.10.36 as a deb pack and maybe it will be the last of the 2.10 series?

Ubuntu's snaps appear in Synaptic package manager (I still use it) along with all the deb packs except you can't use snaps to build anything on because they have their own filesystem.

Ubuntu Pro. Why are some open source apps now part of an elite group of 'cloud computing' apps?

ATM Ubuntu 24.04 looks like it was made by over-zealous script kiddies who have decided to become a management layer in a flat open source world.

Sorry I'm negative about this but in 2024 everything is broken (except France Smile  )
The Apparmor bug is actually here.   Huh
I had a closer look at Apparmor in 24.04.

When you delete it you lose gnome-software-plugin-snap and snapd (snap daemon). That means you either have AppImages and no snaps or snaps and no AppImges at the moment.

I find that very interesting and something that would not happen at random.

If you go the 'sudo apt remove apparmor' path you will get at an all AppImage system Smile untill Apparmour is modified.
You need to re-boot before the appimages work again.

Also the installed Gimp in 24.04 has no python2 and is an apt package. Most people will use the flatpack Gimp.
Interesting, VERY interesting, thanks a lot Tas_mania for sharing those infos
Your right PixLab, interesting and it's going to affect a lot of people before long.

'Ubuntu Pro' must have Snap and breaks all appimages as well as the Ubuntu updater.


I'm not impressed by Ubuntu Pro. They demand your name and other information to update open source software which I think is illegal.


I don't recommend Pro at all. These are all open source apps like ffmpeg and Imagemagick.

I will porbably have to move on to another Linux Smile

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