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Easy way to paste multiple images together?
From time to time, I could need some kind of an autofunction to paste multiple images with the same width together as follows:

Picture 2 is pasted to the bottom of picture 1, picture 3 to the bottom of picture 2, etc.

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1) Make sure that each card is on its own layer, and that it is tightly cropped around the card.
(In the example below cropping is not tight enough, so alignment is not good!)

2) Each layer (card) must be the same size.
(In the example below - 177 pixels high)

3) Use the Alignment tool to distribute the cards vertically. Select the Distribute tool, Click the first card, Shift-Click subsequent cards. See image below

4) Use the Alignment tool to align the left edges of the cards. See image below.

Note: The Alignment tool doesn't work if the layers are stacked vertically above each other, as individual layers cannot be selected.

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Big Grin 
Thanks a lot

But - I can see that I should have been more detailed and clearly - i'm sorry

Added info:
  • The cards are just examples
  • The real pictures (usually screen dumps of net-pages) are of approx. same width but not the same length
  • Each card represents one picture - here three independent pictures - which must then be put together  in the manner indicated
Hopefully now it will be clear what I meant Big Grin

If i not can be done with a kind of an autofunction - what will be the easiest way to do it (lets say 5 pics = long final picture)
I don't think there is an automated way that will be faster than doing it manually. Screen dumps of net-pages are fairly easy to assemble.

Make sure that there is some overlap between images. Put the upper layer at 50% opacity to do the aligning. Use the Move tool and mouse to move one layer into position. Then use the arrow keys to nudge the image into its final position.
Two ways:

  • load all images as layers if not already done (File>Open as layers, and you can select multiple images to load everything in one go)
  • Put them roughly where you want them (they just need to be in the right order)
  • Use my arrange-layers script (Space option)
Automatic, if the files names are sorted in the same order as the cards positions:

      * With my ofn-tiles plugin, use File>Open tiles, give it a directory and a pattern, set Columns to 1 and Rows to the number of cards.

arrange-layers is described here. (ofn-tiles comes with its own documentation)

Both are downloadable here.
A possibility for Gimp: The gmic montage filter, in the Arrays and Tiles section. gmic_gimp from

A stack of layers, and montage applied.
Tahnks a lot for the suggestions - I have had some family visiting so I will not have time to try it out in a few days

Happy New Year
Then I got some time again and I am now trying your suggestions, starting numerically with # 4 onwards.
In # 4 everything happens manually

I open my pictures as layers
Then, as you know, the pics put themselves on top of each other and if you move them, they become "invisible" (because the canvas is limited)
I usually move them anyway (roughly) and then click IMAGE -> FIT CANVAS TO LAYERS - to have some working space
Can it be smarter?
(01-02-2019, 08:54 AM)T-buch Wrote: I usually move them anyway (roughly)  and then click IMAGE -> FIT CANVAS TO LAYERS - to have some working space
Can it be smarter?

Adjust the canvas size before moving the layers. Image > Canvas Size

These fields can do simple arithmetic. For example, if the height is 789 pixels, you can edit this to be 789*12.
The chain icon next to the fields locks the aspect ratio. Click the chain link to break it if you only want to edit one field.
#5 The "" are putted in the ....\GIMP\2.10\plug-ins - How do I "activate" it?

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