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Editing and restoring paintings on GIMP
I just tried this, with a John Constable painting you may find photographed at Wikipedia

[Image: John_Constable_-_Wivenhoe_Park%2C_Essex_...roject.jpg]

And took it to GIMP, where I edited it and attempted a full restore to bring it back to life, and voilá, here's the end result:

[Image: 47309887432_530f357efb_k.jpg]DIGITALLY RESTORED: John_Constable_-_Wivenhoe_Park,_Essex_-_Google_Art_Project - Digital Restore - copia by AF OH, en Flickr

Hope you like it, any comments or criticism welcome

Btw, I just added saturation, a bit of contrast with the curves, and used the exposure and blacks tool, that's all.
Pretty cool. You stopped just before it goes too far.
Very good. You did bring the painting back to life and kept the scenery realistic.

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