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Editing photos
Make sure the layer is active, because when you work in the Channels list, this make the channel the active drawable and thus the target of the ensuing Curves/Levels/B-C operation. So you have to select your layer again...

As you would expectt, a good deal of this has been scripted.
Hi, there various ways to improve an image in GIMP. I recommend taking a look at this tutorial which focuses on the different tools available in GIMP. 

Since you are targeting the shadows and highlights, you should use the Dodge/Burn tool, a luminosity mask, the Curves tool and also the Levels tool Smile

It seems you like the edits101 web site. Why not just post a single thread in the tutorials section.

For this one, well the dodge / burn / sharpen tools are somewhat of a legacy from days gone-by. There are better options these days.

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