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Editing text in a photo
I have a DELL pc and my O/S is Windows 10 Pro / Ver 1903
I am using PAINT 3D to try and move just the text in a photo.  When I create a text box around the text and drag it, it moves the text and the background as well which leaves a white box where it used to be... I haven't been able to find a way around this... Any tips / advice would be appreciated...I received a suggestion that perhaps I should use GIMP.  I have no knowledge of this app and I guess my major Q is:  will it allow me to open an existing photo and edit / add / delete text?  If this cannot be done then I really have no immediate use of this app..
As far as I can determine the version  I'll be downloading is 2.10.18.
Yes, but you will also have ti find a way to cover up the text at the initial location. Several techniques for that, from using the clone tool to copy over bits of similar, text-free locations in the picture, to evolved plugins that can resynthesize a texture from the surroundings of the text.

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