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Erase edges from repeat pattern
Hi, I'm new here so apologies if this has already been addressed. 

Is there a way to erase the edges in a repeat pattern to create a seamless pattern? The below link shows an example of what I mean - it's the white edges that I want erased.

Thanks for any help!  Cool
You can take one tile as reference or select each tile and shift it until the white slit has gone.
Example with one tile :

That is a poor image as a base to work on. Is that the only one available ?

The section marked produces a poor tile. "it's the white edges that I want erased" crop (or copy) to size and use the clone (or heal) tool to clone out the white patches.

For a better result, just using Gimp tools, then one way is use a quarter of a tile, then duplicate - flip - move. Once vertically and again horizontally.

All that in 3 minutes,

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