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Erase / remove borders from a table (scanned pdf)
I installed the ofn-remove-grid script and use these values in the windows on the picture:
Grow selection before: 0
Area threshold: 19400
Grow selection After: 1
Work is processing "selection to path" and an error appears "Remove table/grid around text Message / global name 'BUCKET_FILL_BG' is not defined".
The native langage in Linux Mint is French. Can this disturb the script?
Do you know what I should do to solve this?
Nothing as complicated as your location/language.  You are using Gimp 2.8 and the plugin uses Gimp 2.10 syntax. 

Remove the old version.
Download the attached 2.8 version. Unzip it and put  in ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins  This in my kububtu 18.04 Gimp 2.8


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Whaooo it works now. Thanks a lot.

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