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Error on Windows Gimp 2.8.20+Python?
just detected that the parameter "PF_DIRNAME" let the filter crash in Windows Gimp 2.8.20.
Try the test filter by Maldonado "test-batch-cartoon" (attached) or even "test-batch-invert":
after picking of the directory the filter crashes.
First detection was on "contactsheet" (see thread on Gimp-chat).
Is something missing in the environment? 

.zip (Size: 1.83 KB / Downloads: 28)

This is the error log, if it could be helpful

.zip (Size: 3.29 KB / Downloads: 32)
There is a work-around solution in Stackoverflow

(as indicated my moroquendo on Gimp-chat)

the bottom line for those who read this post is this:
1. if you have Gimp 2.8.20 and you want to use python filters with a parameter which asks you to select a directory, this will cause a pythonw crash
2. if you are able to edit the python filter in error, follow stackoverflow indications to fix it
3. if you aren't, you have to wait for a fix, either general (from Gimp) or specific (from filter's author)

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