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Export ALL opened images in GIMP at once with your settings
Finally... GIMP's users can have their own settings for each type of image,
and once it's set, every opened images will be exported automatically with these setting.

This script (.scm) is a complete re-start - reconstruction, also it's recommended to remove the older script, it is not mandatory as this script has different declaration, and can coexist with my previous version in GIMP without any problem.

I did found a way for the users to input their settings when they batch export their opened images in GIMP, it's not beautiful as the code is extra long, but it works like a charm, it is very simple and I like simple.  Big Grin

Batch export all opened images in GIMP with your settings
Example of opened images to batch export all at once with the same JPG settings

Where to find it in the GIMP's top menu?

Where to Download this gorgeous script, that auto-export all at once?
.7z   pxl-export-all-images-as-v3.7z (Size: 380.22 KB / Downloads: 111)

How to install it in GIMP?
A manual-guide is included as PDF when you download the script/plugin, thus RTM  Big Grin

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