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Export Finished Design
I have a finished design and want to export. However, I get a notification box that states;

[The given filename does not have any known file extension. 
Please enter a known file extension or select a file format from the file format list.]

See attached

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looks like you have a space before the J
(02-08-2018, 06:09 PM)Espermaschine Wrote: looks like you have a space before the J

That was it, thanks.

Can you tell me, When I export this image it is on a transparent background and the PNG has a black background? If I use Black Text, it cannot be seen on the PNG. So if I  send this off to a printer, there is no text, and will the black background be present which will mess up the printing because I need it to be Transparent.
If it has a transparent background in Gimp and you export as a png the background will still be transparent. If you send it to the printer it should (hopefully) be correct.

However, different programs display transparency differently. Gimp displays a check pattern, some display it black and some display it white. Even worse, some remove the transparent background and replace it with white (eg facebook).

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