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Failing on loading script Mac OS X: gimp_check_updates_callback failed
Hi, I had a script that was working for me on Mac OS X

franky@frank ~ % /Applications/ -i -b "(let* ( ( image (car (file-png-load 1 "\\""/Users/franky/Desktop/image.png"\\"" "\\""/Users/franky/Desktop/image.png"\\"") ) ) (drawable (car (gimp-image-active-drawable image) ) ) ) (plug-in-colortoalpha 1 image drawable '(0 0 0) ) (gimp-file-save RUN-NONINTERACTIVE image drawable "\\""/Users/franky/Desktop/image2.png"\\"" "\\""/Users/franky/Desktop/image2.png"\\"") ) " -b "(gimp-quit 0)"
To run color to alpha, I was working on some shell scripts with a python virtual environment in it this morning and something I've done seems to have confused Gimp - maybe in regards to Python version?

I now get this error when I try to run it: 

GIMP is started as MacOS application
gimp_check_updates_callback: loading of failed: Operation not supported
batch command experienced an execution error:
Error: eval: unbound variable: \/Users/coopermor/Desktop/Armato-Side-Table_render_shadow_difference.png\

Any ideas? Thanks so much! Happy to provide any additional details that are helpful.
Check updates callback has nothing to do with it. This is just the last message of your Gimp initialization...

Not a scripf-fu specialist, but it seems it understands a string as a variable name. Your code suffers from the "dancing toothpicks" syndrome, if the script-fu code requires double quotes, you can use single quotes at the shell level:

gimp -b '(function "string")'

This removes the need to use a confusing and confused double-meta-indirect escaping Smile

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