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Find that menu entry
Some plugins are not hidden in a menu but are at the end of a 'nest' of sub-menus. In particular is the Paths Dock where the right-click context menu is long. (1)


That is ok for a single use, consecutive repeated use is catered for by the Filters CTRL-F and SHIFT-CTRL-F keyboard shortcuts. (see: 8)


An alternative method is using the built-in  Gimp Search.  Press the ? / key (2) and enter the menu name as an entry (3) and it gives a list of possibilities.  Click on the entry (4) and in this case it brings up the plugin dialogue (5)


If your memory is not too good, you do not have to be too accurate with the search term, often a partial phrase works (6) and if you are using lots of paths, do not be lazy, give them a name (7) It does help with path plugins.  Back to the beginning, Using the same plugin repeatedly ? Then top of the Filters menu are Repeat functions (8).


Note: This is in addition to the Windows -> Help -> Plugin Browser which gives the menu location as text.

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