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First time with Gimp and drawing tablet
I am trying to get a XP PEN Deco 01 v2 to work with gimp on win10.  I have downloaded and installed their drivers.  However when ever I put the pen to the tablet in gimp it switches from the pencil tool to something that gives the attached image.  I have no idea what is going on.  (also please feel free to recommend any configurations as I am new to art with a drawing tablet.  I tried doing traditional but I find digital a lot easier for me) for the image
Not able to give advice on the tablet set-up and drivers which might not be compatible with Gimp,

However, in Gimp a mouse and a graphic tablet are separate set-ups. Using the pencil tool set with a mouse does not mean pencil is used by the graphic tablet.

Try selecting a tool , paint or pencil, using the tablet stylus from the toolbox before drawing.

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