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Flat mosaic (zero height)
It seems to me that this other option would be viable and very simple:

Filters - G'MIC-Qt - Arrays & Tiles - Grid [Hexagonal] , Adjust Resolution and reduce Outline to zero
Samj PortableGimp 2.10.28 - Win-10 /64.
(06-10-2022, 06:16 AM)tmanni Wrote:
Quote:output at 90 is already transparent at 0 it's full transparent like empty

This is because you are displaying logarithmic histogram instead of linear, but it does not explain why it fails.
With an input set to 254, the bottom left point of the curve must be located to the right side of the graph, which is not the case on your screenshot.

OK I understood what was wrong, I moved the the top right point/dot first, by moving the bottom left first it worked.
If you move the top right first input/output become 255/255, thus I was going down to get 255/0 making it all transparent
If you move first the bottom left input/output become 0/0, thus moving that dot to the right to get 254/0


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