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Flilters not working properly
When I click a filter the dialog pops up at the bottom of the screen so that for all but the smallest dialogs the bottom is off the screen. I can drag the dialog so everything ius visible but the parts originally off screen can still not be reached. For example, with the mosaic filter I can not click OK
What version of linux and what is the computer display size ? Plus any other info such as linux running in a chromebook.

Anything less than 720 pix screen height will be a problem. Try using the keyboard shortcuts. Alt+O for OK


An example: Debian10, 1280x720 display,  Gimp 2.10

These GEGL filters could do with a scroll bar.
I did not want to go into too many details, but yes, the linux is the beta in a chromebook. The screen size is 14, and the height is 800 px.
The alt + o was ineffective

If I do not reposition the dialog, alt + o does work, but there is still the problem that all the setting are not accessible.
I found a workaround.
Reposition the dialog so all the settings are on the screen, use ctrl and the up and down keys to choose the setting to adjust and the up and down arrows to make changes. Only use the mouse for settings that were initially exposed. Then alt + o will preserve the changes.
You can reposition a dialog with Alt-drag. For Gimp 2.8 There was an extension somewhere that adds a scroll bar in the auto-generated script parameter dialogs. I don't know if it still works for 2.10.

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