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Focus Blur and Lens Blur
Gimp 2.10.20 comes with some additional GEGL procedures that are more or less replacements for old third party plugins.

Focus Blur at its basic, keeps a target area sharp and progressively blurs the background. Drag the on-canvas control points around to change shape and the dialog for the amount of blur.  The old plugin looked like this:


There are options for the shape and with the various options an effect similar to the old 'Toy' plugin is possible: If you do not remember the toy plugin see:


Lens Blur again is similar to the focus blur with a mask. Paint a mask to determine what is in focus: black-is-in, white-is out, grey-is-in-between, so experiment with painting masks and gaussian blur. A basic use, as this example - paint in with a fuzzy brush to avoid unnatural hard edges.  This GEGL procedure can be a bit slow rendering the canvas so be patient.


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