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Font troubles
my friend and i recently downloaded and installed the same version of gimp from the same sorce and she did not add any extra fonts and has fonts that i do not have and can not find. such as old english . did i do something wrong to wind up with less font. mine goes from nsimsun to palatino linotype my friend said the first one they have that starts with p is palace script which i also do not have. and she has many that start with 0 while i have none any suggestions what would cause us to have very different default font types.
When gimp installs it detects fonts from your operating system. For example, it finds fonts in C:\Windows\Fonts. You and your friend probably do not have the same fonts installed in your operating systems.

You can add additional fonts to Gimp. These are added to your user profile. For example, for Windows, these should be added to
C:\Users\your name\.gimp-2.8\fonts
Gimp does not come with or install any fonts. The fonts that show are (1) installed, system wide fonts, available to all applications (2) any extra fonts that you install just for Gimp in your Gimp profile folder C:\Users\your-name\.gimp-2.8\fonts

Since you are using Windows, does your friend also use Windows? Different Operating systems supply different fonts.

Assuming you both use Windows, what extra/different applications does your friend use? There are some that come with an extra set of fonts, I think MS Office is one, but I use linux so not 100% sure of the current state of play with MS.

Palace is a MS font, see:
but you can get a version here:

If you do need to use this in Gimp and only in Gimp, again do not click and install system wide, that just bloats and slows down your system. Put the .ttf font in your Gimp profile.
ah ok i asked her and yes shes got well over 200 while mine is at an even 100 fonts.  i was under the assumption that gimp had default fonts it was installing. thank you so much guess i need to do some font searches. edit  yes i asked and she is using ms office  so that would explain the difference thanks again

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