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Why General questions (here is a Gimp forum?) + Gimp 2.8 +Gimp 2.10 ???
Because for a while Gimp 2.10 was experimental and significantly different from 2.8, so it was best to make special forum for questions where the difference mattered (instead of asking everyone to add a [2.10] tag in threads). Now that 2.10 is the most common version any question in the general section can be assumed to be in a 2.10 context, and the 2.10 forum is locked (you can't create a new topic in it).

Likewise, there are people who stick to 2.8 and answer that only works in 2.10 may not pertinent. So now if you still use 2.8 you may have to ask in that forum (if you ask in the general forum and the answer is version specific, I'll likely move the thread to the 2.8 forum anyway).

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