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French Olympics
(05-31-2024, 09:46 AM)Tas_mania Wrote: Thanks for your help ofnuts I really appreciate it. Today was our first rainy day for months and I was able to finish a video I've been working on. I've given the Gimp 2.10.38 appimage a good workout and it's very stable. The difference between fuse-overlay-fs and kernel overlay has been reduced to one line of code.

I improved Mathmap on Ubuntu so if people are interested the newest files are here:

Quote:Linux motto: we provide loaded pistols but also the bandages.

I guess my motto is 'you can't make omelettes without breaking eggs' Smile

The French must be getting excited about the Olympics. I remember the Sydney Olympics in 2000. I was driving taxis (pre-uber) and thought I would make a lot of money. I made the same because they designed the events around public transport. I did meet people from all around the globe and that was good.

Pretty much underwhelmed so far. They have engineered a hike on prices of public transport for the duration of the Games. They have evicted students from their social housing to make room for athletes (instead of building rooms for athletes that can later become social housing for students). Downtown Paris will be mostly closed up for the general populace. People who thought they could rake €€€ with their apartments are still looking for guests. And tickets sales aren't that good (and abysmal for the Paralympics).

In other words we aren't inviting the Games, we are invaded by them.
Why not start a topic in Watercooler to discuss the 2024 Olympics?
I'm happy to start a topic there.
Wow! 54 days to go from the Olympic website.  This is a flashy site and I'm trying to figure out what the logo is Smile


The venues are listed here.  So are the sponsors, all big companies. Most of the World will be watching on TV or online.
As for the mascot I prefer Tintin.


At school the Tintin books were the most popular in the library Smile
I'm looking forward to seeing Ariarne Titmus swimming the 400m freestyle in Paris 2024.

Ariarne is from here and although I'm not originally from here I would like to see her do well. Especially against the American Katie Ledecky. I also like long distance swimming. If you do it alot you become one with the water.

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