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G'Mic-Qt error
After installing the G'Mic-Qt version 2.9.9 I've got an error using Gimp 2.10.24(revision 2) on a Windows10 OS. Because I installed the new version without deinstalling the old version I removed G'mic-Qt and installed the new version. The error was still there. I removed the G'Mic-Qt and searched if there was any information was still some things on my computer concerning G'Mic-Qt. I found some things in the windows folder: Users/My_user/Appdata/Roaming/gmic. I removed this folder and installed G'Mic-Qt version 2.9.9 and the error was gone. Now I get an error when I use following plugin :
Using the previous version of G'Mic-Qt the plugin worked perfectly. Any idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance for the response. 
I remember this from a linux / gimp_gmic_qt query. Changes in syntax meant using a different updatexxxx.gmic

Since then things have progressed. It should not be necessary to use the stand-alone plugin anymore, Since it was mostly gmic commands it has been incorporated into the gmic filters.  Look in the gmic Artistic section, the filter 'Comic Book'

rich, thanks for your answer

You can test this version of this plugin.

It's not the latest, but it's the version I've chosen to keep using around here.

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@Krikor, thanks for your attention but nope, same error.
So I just tried, and I got the same error ...
I'm on buntu-MATE 20.04 / G'MIC 2.9.9, same plug in


Like rich2005 said, I'm gonna look into G'MIC for this filter and remove the

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