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G'mic plugin 2.9.1 for gimp 2.10.20
I was watching this tutorial and he suggested G'MIC.  There is a filter called debanding noise, I need it badly.  I was trying to do it manually but I can see the previews are working.  Just the plugin has errors and crashed once.  I really need this or a filter from another plugin that works in 2.10.20.  I installed it to the default location.  Here is a screenshot of the error ( I had a different error with a different filter but this filter is what I needed).

And the before and after screenshot (preview can show "difference").

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I am using linux and gmic_gimp_qt (latest) and I do not get that error message. I did a bit of pixel measuring, reckon your screenshot is about 400% After resizing the repair -> banding-denoise filter worked ok, but not really a definitive test Wink

If you have recently upgraded either or both of Gimp / gmic_gimp plugin I would check that you have not inherited any old gmic files from a previous plugin. Some times old versions installed in the Gimp systems plugins folder rather than the User Gimp plugins folder. Unlikely but worth a check.

Everything clean? I have had a good search around and nothing really suitable came up for that type of banding.

Somebody might come up with a good procedure.

For the gmic_gimp_qt plugin error. The author of the plugin answers posts on forum. I would ask there.

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