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G'mic problems?
I've read in several other threads people make casual reference to experiencing problems with Gmic, and as someone who just started using it, I'm curious what "well known" problems people are experiencing? (so that if I notice the same problem, I won't suspect the cause is due to a problem specific to my installation).

One thing I've had  issues with is that about  every third or fourth time I use it, closing Gmic will freeze Gimp up tight, none of the menu items is accessible, and the only path forward is to force Gimp to end, without opportunity to save the work. Highly frustrating.
This is even after having the notorious "internet" box unchecked. And happens on machines where Gmic is the only  addition to Gimp, as well as machines that have beaucoup add ons.

Interestingly enough, I do not experience this problem using Gmic inside Krita, so I'm not at a hair pulling standstill, I'm just trying to understand what's going on between Gimp and Gimc.

Is this in any way similar to the problems others are experiencing?

One other oddity that I noticed last night.  using the "gradient from line" function in Gmic under Krita... when I told Gmic to save the resulting .ggr file, the end result WAS NOT saved in  /home/yourname/.local/share/krita/gradients/ as one might suspect to be the default location.  The file was in fact saved to  /home/yourname/.config/GIMP/2.10/gradients/

And I just found this unusual for the default "as installed" original configuration working inside Krita.

Which version of G'MIC do you have problem with? (Linux or windows?)
All version 2.x.x are phasing out (even though 2.9.9 is the latest stable, you will not have the latest bug fixes even if you update the filters)

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