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GEGL Effects - Layer Effects counterpart for Gimp

This is a full layer Effects engine that rivals Adobe CC in text styling. It ships with two bonus filters called "bevel" and "inner glow" that are useful as stand alone.

Users are expected to apply GEGL Effects to raster copies of the text layers.

[Image: text.png?raw=true]

[Image: effects4.png?raw=true]

[Image: GE.png?raw=true]

The user must install the binaries (inner glow, bevel and layereffects) for this to work.  All included in the "release section".

OS specific location to put GEGL Filter binaries

Windows C:\Users<YOUR NAME>\AppData\Local\gegl-0.4\plug-ins

Linux /home/(USERNAME)/.local/share/gegl-0.4/plug-ins

Linux (Flatpak) /home/(USERNAME)/.var/app/org.gimp.GIMP/data/gegl-0.4/plug-ins


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