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GEGL graph
As my question to the developers mailing list got ignored: I'll try asking our Resident GEGL expert, tmanni

When trying to use the gegl:bump-map command, I do not know how to specify the "aux" layer to use. Is this
possible? if so what do I need to do?

When trying to use the gegl:contrast-curves command I don't know how to format the curve parameter as
anything I try is crashing GIMP (issue #5607)
Gegl graph filter can only use the active layer you're working on.
One trick is to export your bump-map layer into a file and use the gegl:load into the graph:

bump-map aux=[ load path="/path/to/your/bumpmapfile" ]

According to the code, there is nothing to handle a curve parameter, neither by the gegl graph filter nor the gegl binary.
There is only a support for graphs described as XML.

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