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GIMP 2.10.32 Python-Fu
I have successfully written a script, which when ran in the Python-Fu console does what I want. I want to make a keyboard shortcut, so I can run this quickly when necessary, rather than pasting it into the console every time. How should I do this? I've tried writing the code in VS code and saving it in the GIMP scripts folder as both a .py and .scm file. The .scm file raises 'unbound variable: import' when I hit 'refresh scripts' under Script-Fu. I cannot find where to run the script as a .py, but it seems to refresh fine. I also do not know how I would bind a keyboard shortcut to a script.

Here's the code, though I doubt this is the issue as it works fine in the console:

import gimpfu
current_image = gimp.image_list()[0]
layer=pdb.gimp_layer_new(current_image, 1, 1, gimpfu.RGB_IMAGE, "white_layer", 100, gimpfu.NORMAL_MODE)
pdb.gimp_image_add_layer(current_image, layer, 0)
pdb.gimp_item_set_visible(layer, 0)
To make you code a real "script":

1) Since it's Python it is technically no a script, but a plugin so it goes in the "plug-ins", directory
2) It has to "register" to make it known to Gimp. This means declaring a procedure, the parameter types, the menu position, the kind of images it can work on, and miscellaneous metadata (author...)

So your code ends up looking like this:

# Preferred form of import, avoids "gimpfu" prefixes all over.
from gimpfu import *

# The real code. The parameter "image" is automatically set to the current image
def addWhiteLayer(image):
   # Create layer directly at the image size. RGB_IMAGE type will only work in RGB images
   layer=pdb.gimp_layer_new(image,image.width,image.height,RGB_IMAGE, "white_layer", 100, NORMAL_MODE)
   # Force white fill
   pdb.gimp_image_add_layer(image, layer, 0)
#    pdb.gimp_item_set_visible(layer, 0) # Not really necessary
   'add-white-layer',                  # Unique ID, I prefix mine with "ofn-" to avoid clashes
   'Add a white layer',                # Description/title (short)
   'Add a white layer',                # Help (can be longer...)
   "Author",                           # Name of author
   "Author",                           # Copyrihgt owner
   "2022",                             # Copyright year
   'Add white layer',                  # The menu label
   "RGB*",                             # The type of images it can work on. Use "*" for all types
   [                                   # List of input parameters (just one here)
       (PF_IMAGE, "image", "Input image", None)    # Just an image, since it's the first one, Gimp
                                                   # Sets it implicitly without showing a dialog
   [],                                 # List of output parameters
   addWhiteLayer,                      # The Python code that implementsthe plugin
   menu="<Image>/Layer",               # Where the menu label above appears


When your  code registers correctly, the menu entry appears at the bottom of the Layer menu.

You can then edit the keyboard shortcuts and search the add-white-layer identifier to assign a shortcut:


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