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GIMP 9.8 failed installaton
Is the computer slow even when you aren't using Gimp? If so is it still slow if you rename the Gimp installation directory? If it is likely not Gimp the culprit. Being Windows, you can have had a Windows update at about the same time you installed Gimp, or some malware using your computer to mine Bitcoins.

When the computer is slow, is the CPU monitor near 100% On all CPU cores? Or is is a problem of disk I/O? In both case the Porcess monitor can given you an idea of which process is hogging the computer resources.

Last: what is the URL you used to download the Gimp installer?
Yes, the computer is slow when GIMP is not running.

I shall rename the GIMP directory and re-evaluate, thanks.

Never heard of bitcoins before, so dunno what you meant by that??   Googled bitcoin and bitcoin mining, but haven't put together yet, how that would apply to my computer.

BTW, the computer was not connected to the internet yesterday at the time of the latest sluggishness.

Last night, after work, I fired the 'puter up again just to check, and it seemed to run fine, although my other image editing software Tongue was acting up, in that the RAW development module was not functioning  as expected.

Yesterday, when the computer was non-responsive, I barely had access to Task Manager, but when I finally was able to open TManager, I couldn't locate any processes hogging cpu or gpu resources, even though the computer was still running poorly.  Disk usage, however, was at 100%, now that you mentioned it.

At this moment, my laptop is not present, so I don't have access to the URL I used for the GIMP download, but it was from Partha's website.
Thanks again, I appreciate your input and will check the points you have mentioned so far...!!
Best Regards,
Chaplain Mark

'Tis better to have a camera and not need one, than to need a camera and not have one.

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