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GIMP Animation Package Framerate Issue
So, I just downloaded GIMP 2.8 and subsequently installed GAP (2.6) so that I could use the plug-ins to turn videos into .gif files.
Installation seems fine, but the problem comes in when I try to use Extract Videorange on certain videos.

The plug-in, for whatever reason, thinks the videos are at 180000 fps.
They are, in-fact, .mp4 format at 59 fps.


I've tried a random .avi video I have, and that comes up properly at 24~ fps, but I need help getting GIMP to recognize the actual framerate of the video files I want to edit.

I also originally tried the method where you trim/record the section you want using VLC to grab a smaller portion to work with in GIMP. Those files are, apparently, 120000 fps according to GIMP and are also .mp4s.

I tried just working with it anyways, but when I try to slide through the video range preview, the plug-in just freezes so there's no way to accurately locate where I want it to start/stop.

So, I guess what I'm asking is:
Why are these videos showing up as being 180000 fps when they clearly are not?
Is there any way to remedy this?

Thanks and sorry if I don't respond immediately, but your help would be greatly appreciated.
I note you are using the Windows version. The Gimp-GAP code base is about 10 years old. I don't know how well it is being maintained or compiled for Windows. Try it in 'Compatibility Mode' for an earlier Windows version. I compiled my own for Ubuntu and what you see indicates GAP cannot process the video. Check the screengrabs?



The correct frame rate appears after you select a video. It works well with VLC re-records. I found that just entering how many frames you want is good enough. GAP will try to fill those frames. Also 'extracted frames are stored in one multilayer image' makes it easier to work with in Gimp.
Thanks for the response. I tried running in compatibility mode, both Vista and 7, which are the earliest I can choose from, and there was no improvement. I had figured I might encounter some problems when I downloaded GAP because, as you said, it is quite old and has not been maintained for newer versions of Windows. I also tried entering the number of frames, and there was some improvement, but it takes several minutes to respond again after I move the slider even a little.

All things considered, I think I'm going to try to find something that isn't 10 years old Smile

Thanks anyways and all the best.

mp4 video is highly compressed with key frames at large intervals, Modern video with a framerate (fps) of 60 can be 30 fps x two half (interlaced) images. All goes to screw up an old application such as GAP.

If you do not want to delve into command line / complicated video applications, you could try using a simple video editor Avidemux. Either extract a video clip in a different video format than mp4 or a range of images for import into Gimp.

[Image: xEf7YvY.jpg]

My advice is go for an old 2.5 version of Avidemux

Why an old version? It is the last frame based rather than time based version and last one to export a series of images.
Wow. This older version of Avidemux does exactly what I wanted GAP to do.

Thanks for telling me about this! Now I can turn videos into gifs. Smile

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