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GIMP Appimage loader update
I have updated GIMP (Panda Jim) to 2.10.38.
Is it possible to update the Appimage loader to correspond? (gimp2-10-36-python2-mm-Ubuntu.Appimage)

I have tried extracting the Appimage, but could not see where to make the necessary changes.

I am running Ubuntu 20.04, but with the Unity desktop. Is it possible to upgrade this to 22.04 (or 24.04) whilst retaining Python 2.7?

Any help and advice greatly appreciated.

First Ubuntu 20.04 / Gimp 2.10.38 (Panda Jim) There was an initial release, then a few days later a second dated 2024-05-17 with Python support but no Gimp-Python package. The regular 2.10.36 Gimp-Python package works. It is what I use with kubuntu 20.04
In a terminal try 
sudo apt install gimp-python

If that does not work, get the attached zip, unzip and install it with
sudo dpkg -i gimp-python_2.10.36-1build1~ubuntu2004_amd64.deb

Quote:... Is it possible to upgrade this to 22.04 (or 24.04) whilst retaining Python 2.7?

If you upgrade your system to Ubuntu 22.04 then there is a complete Gimp 2.10.38 appimage see:

As a note: In my Kubuntu 22.04 laptop, I am using Gimp 2.10.38 (Panda Jim) There is no Python support for this, so I am using an older appimage loader for python. 
The full Gimp appimage "everything-in-one" is easier.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

My 2.10.38 upgrade is working OK. All my plug-ins work, but without the Appimage loader I am unable to monitor what is going on via the terminal and I don't have the python console in the filters menu.

That was the reason for my request - sorry if I did not make it clear.

OK, Something that I did not notice. You have Gimp 2.10.38 from the PPA, your python plugins work but you do not have the python console.

When I updated to Gimp 2.10.38 in this kubuntu 20.04 There was no python console. I installed that gimp-python package and now have the python console.
Many thanks.
I re-installed the gimp-python package (although it said it was already installed!) and everything now works.

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