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GIMP + Genius 8x6 Tablet + Win 10 = ? *EDITED*
Hello fellows.
I've been trying to make my Genius MousePen 8x6 tablet work with GIMP in Windows 10 all day long today. I've searched on the web about it and couldn't get any working solution.
My curiosity: does anybody use this tablet with GIMP in Windows 10?

I can draw with it but as a mouse, ignoring pressure sensitivity.
It doesn't show up in GIMP input devices. I checked out extended input devices - not in there; I tried both with/without directx but all in vain.

I've installed the driver 5.02 (D20131030_D20130918V3) which is for Windows 8 but it installed just fine. The control panel from the system tray (lower right near the clock) works fine.
I can draw into the panel itself with sensitivity but that's about all.

Happy Easter!

By repeatedly installing/uninstalling the driver and messing with the registry ("SupportTabletPC" set to 0 or 1) I managed to bring the tablet up into GIMP (in extended input devices).
Now the problem is, when enabled, the pen behaves erratic: when I touch the tablet it performs quick right-clicks and middle-clicks in rapid succession - brief appearance of the popup menu and the cross-arrow moving the view.
When disabled, it behaves like a mouse and I'm back to the old problem - drawing without pressure.
You did your research, a quick look and I get the same. Latest driver four and a bit years old for Win8, many of the individual files are older than that. In their FAQ Genius do not even guarantee that Ad*be products work 100%

Going back even further, there is this Nice tip from Genius, go buy PS.

Hope you get it working but with Win10 I did an experiment with an old Wacom here:

Not worth spending much time troubleshooting, just got a feeling that Win10 with its tablet-computer capabilities is a bit of a problem.

Hopefully you find a fix or some user will come up with something.
Thank you.
Indeed, they don't guarantee it works but I'm holding on to the fact that it works perfectly in the tablet control panel, with sensitivity and all. I can't even get mine to work as your Wacom does. Looks like Wacom gets once again the upper hand. I'll do some more research, maybe my Genius won't (hopefully) be useless.
Have a joyful Easter!

But first at All.. Hi to all of U. New Board, New Acc.. :-)

the Mmmmhh from the beginning:

Does anybody know whether this Tablet ever did it's work in GIMP? I have to admit, that I do not really remember...

On the other hand... other OpenSource Projects (like Krita f.e.) do not have a prob with this and also (as I saw in another forum) not with some Wacom's, which obviously also have a prob with GIMP (sometimes).

BTW, I also own this "old" Genius... but when I neeed the full function of the tablet, I use Krita for Sketchin' and if it comes to SVG, well I have to use InkScape.

Rest of all is awfull fine and I like it and the developements within the last 2-3 years in GIMP



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