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GIMP Not Exorting JPG Correctly for Web
OS: Ubuntu 18.04
GIMP: 2.10.8

I'm having a very difficult time getting JPG files exported from GIMP to render correctly in a web browser. I can get them to show up correctly if I open the gimp exported jpg with IrfanView (I have to use Wine to use this) and save the image using the Save for Web option. It would be most helpful if I could use GIMP to correctly save JPG files suitable for the web. Two versions of the same image - 1st GIMP, 2nd Irfanview.

Thanks for reading and maybe offering a suggestion for resolving this.

There is an ICC profile in the image from Gimp. From ImageMagick's "identify":
   date:create: 2019-01-08T01:33:22+01:00
   date:modify: 2019-01-08T01:33:22+01:00
   icc:copyright: Public Domain
   icc:description: linear TRC variant generated by GIMP
   icc:manufacturer: GIMP
   icc:model: Generated from 'RTv2_sRGB'
   jpeg:colorspace: 2
   jpeg:sampling-factor: 1x1,1x1,1x1
   signature: e7318254d97ec81845045125cb464138d7ac4e1b06e301f77471289e06cfd1b5
   Profile-icc: 664 bytes

Do you see a pear or an apple:


Answer is here:

On the Gimp side, there are options dealing with color profiles in Edit>Preferences>Image Import & Export

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