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GIMP batch: error

I'm new to Gimp and I need to use it from the command line as it is part of an automation process. 
I'm starting with a super simple command : 

gimp-2.10.exe -i -b "(let* ((image (car (file-tiff-load 1 C:\Users\Camille\Documents\test.tif C:\Users\Camille\Documents\test.tif)))))"

I keep getting this error: 

batch command experienced an execution error:
Error: eval: unbound variable: C:\Users\Camille\Documents\test.tif

I did lots of forum but I haven't found anything working. Also I tried with adding single/double quotes but doesn't change anything. I tried with -b "(gimp-quit 0)" in the end but doesn't change anything either and same when I use gimp-console-2.10.exe. 
I'm running the command with windows 10. 

Can anyone help me?
You need to enclose the file name in quotes but as they're already in quotes, you have to "escape" the inner quotes:
gimp-2.10.exe -i -b "(let* ((image (car (file-tiff-load 1 \"C:\Users\Camille\Documents\test.tif\" \"C:\Users\Camille\Documents\test.tif\")))))"

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