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GIMP-git, Free Selection Tool, New features do you like?
GIMP Git Edition(2.9.5).
Now, the Free Selection Tool needs to press the Enter key to take effect, and it feels very inconvenient.
(New function: also can move nodes after connection.)

My advice is to cancel this new feature.
What do you guys think?

Make suggestions:
Did you try to double-click instead of hitting [Enter]?
(07-18-2017, 06:35 AM)Ofnuts Wrote: Did you try to double-click instead of hitting [Enter]?
Double click only connection (It's not the ant-line.), and not completed.
In this case, you can't add and subtract selection.

Free Selection Tool should be as direct as possible, and there should be no superfluous operations.
I do not think it is such a disaster. However double clicking does not work. Maybe it should.

You said right at the end of your discourse There will be references when selecting, and no one will adjust the nodes after the connection. no-one? that is a bit of an all encompassing statement.

Rectangular, elliptical selections in 2.8 already require Return to lose the handles and fix the selection. Freeselect now works a bit more like the Scissors tool which already has movable nodes and Return (or double click) to fix, so a bit of uniformity there.

It does fit in with some of the other re-vamped tools which do not have a confirmation dialogue. Gradient and Warp Transform for example. These also require Return to complete the tool.

The only thing I would ask for is a double click option.
(07-18-2017, 07:48 AM)rich2005 Wrote: The only thing I would ask for is a double click option.

OK, you can put idea in "784772".

GIMP 2.8.x can also adjust nodes when before connecting.
So I don't like the new feature of GIMP-git.
Quote:So I don't like the new feature of GIMP-git

Not liking the way the free-select now works, is not really a good enough basis for requesting a change.

I have only ever reported two bugs and both were dealt with straight away, because they were definite bugs.

Looking at the replies from Natterer / Prokoudine, I think you are not going to get your wish and pointing them to a 32 minute Photoshop video on comic coloring definitely not a good move.

There might be ways to make the free select easier for you. Still going to involve an extra click or two but avoids using the keyboard, useful if using a tablet.

Instead of hitting Return, click on some other tool. That fixes the selection.

Example: and this one is only 2 minutes Wink
(07-18-2017, 03:36 PM)rich2005 Wrote: Example: and this one is only 2 minutes Wink

In fact, your operation is still avoiding this new feature, so this new feature is not convenient.
As long as a lot of people give advice, they will be accepted.

"Transform tools can use path borders"
This was my suggestion, but it was summed up as "repeated recommendations", but a few days later someone asked for it! Then the proposal was accepted! Now can use this feature Smile
The latest version of GIMP has been improved.

1--Double clicking can connect control-points and can move adjustment control-points.
(At this stage, press the Enter key to finish the ant line.)

2--Double clicking within the range can finish the ant line.

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